Safiyyah was very shy, reserved and lacking in confidence when she first started at Little Gems at the age of 2 years and 6 months. Now at the age of nearly 4, she has developed in so many ways . She is confident, sure of herself and makes her own mind up about things. Her vocabulary, speech and behaviour has developed positively and is something I as a parent am very proud of. The Apas at Little Gems have helped with this in a big way with their determination, patience and going the extra mile.

Sabiha Bhaloda

January 2015


We are thoroughly enjoying watching our son develop and flourish at Little Gems. The nursery has a great balance between mainstream and Islamic education. During the nursery holidays Muhammad will regularly say “mummy” I want to go the nursery”this makes us smile:). Thank you to the staff for their attentive, loving and affectionate care towards Our son. Best wishes always.

Rosan and Yasin

(Preston) January 2015


Little Gems Foundation Units staff have worked very hard. We can definitely see this love, devotion and hard work in our boy. Muhammad Umar has grown up to be a strong boy with all his Apas in the Foundation Unit. The setting is well organised helpful, approachable and understanding. The manager has been very kind warm welcoming and has supported the setting and has brought it to a great standard. She has been approachable and will support us whenever we have needed as a family. Little Gems is a great place for children to be. As a parent we feel very safe and secure for our child to be at this setting.  Our son has learnt a lot Islmically and academically. May Allah( swt)reward all staff working at LGFU.

Altaf Patel

November 2014


Alhumdulillah since nursery my child has been attending the Foundation Unit and not only has she benefitted but as a family we have all benefitted from the efforts of the Unit. Truly Little Gems Foundation Unit is a place where not only they teach your child but care for your child’s tarbiyah and is through the amazing effort of the amazing staff, whom you can see their passion and care in the children’s education and helping in moulding their future. Not only are the children taught about Islam but they also practically ‘live it out ‘ by daily dhikar / namaz time. The principle ethos at the setting/school is excellent and I can not recommend it enough for the vital role it has played in my child’s early years.

Jasmine Patel

February 2015