Settling in

Little Gems Foundation Unit staff wishes to provide the best possible care for all children in partnership with parents and carers. In order to do this we arrange a settling in period for each child and parent/carer to become familiar with Little Gems Foundation Unit routine, establishment and staff. It is also especially important for the child to develop a positive relationship with his/her allocated Key Person so that he/she feels confident and secure when his/her parents leave them. Every child is different and the settling in period can vary, for some children it will be their first experience of separation from a familiar person, however this can usually be achieved in one or two weeks. The length of time a child spends at Little Gems Foundation Unit and the length of time they are being left will gradually be extended until the agreed hours are reached. How quickly this is achieved will be discussed and agreed between the parents/carers and the allocated Key Person. Please be patient, the settling in process can take time and commitment. We at Little Gems Foundation Unit think it is an important process, which not only enables children to settle happily and confidently into the Foundation Unit, but it also gives parents the opportunity to do so as well. When a child attends Little Gems Foundation Unit for the first time, the parent is asked to allow at least for 2 sessions to permit for the settling in process to take place. Each child’s allocated Key Person who will be responsible for this settling in period. Even though a child may appear to be initially unconcerned about whether the parent/carer stays or leaves, the parent/carer will be asked to stay as planned in case they change their mind later. The child’s allocated Key Person will adapt the settling in procedure to suit the individual child and liaise with the parent/carer and the Foundation Unit Manager and Deputy Manager about your child’s progress.