Parents as Partners

Working in partnership with parents is paramount to children’s learning and development and is also Little Gems ‘outstanding feature’. We strongly believe that when parents and early year’s practitioners work together it results to outstanding outcomes for children. Therefore, we have an open door policy where parents are given verbal feedback at the end of a session. Engaging in a conversation with your child’s Key Person can often produce useful information about new interests or experiences that can be used to plan exciting and challenging learning opportunities at Nursery and further create activity ideas that can be shared with parents to do at home.

We recognise at Little Gems how busy parents are and it may not be possible to engage in a daily conversation with your child’s Key Person, therefore there are tools to support a regular two way flow of communication such as busy gems books, newsletters, texts. Our busy gems books is an excellent tool to generate partnerships and share information about children’s learning and development, it also enables you to learn about children’s interests both at the setting and at home.

A child’s time at Little Gems Foundation Unit should be a memorable journey not just for them but for parents too. The Key Person will capture all of your child’s learning and collect their work in a learning journey to show your child’s work of their time with us. We encourage all our parent’s to contribute towards their child’s learning journeys. Parent evenings and meetings take place regularly and provide opportunities for key persons to share observations, assessments and planning with parents and to be able to listen and respond to any thoughts or questions you may have. At Little Gems Foundation Unit fun workshops are also carried out for parents which have resulted in parents building partnerships with staff and other parents. Parents have been invited to carry out different enjoyable activities with their child. The nursery also holds coffee mornings, this gives parents an opportunity to socialise with other parents and learn different topics, for example, supporting children to be independent.